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How to improve the balance of your golf swing

Take a lesson from watching the the perfect balance of Louis Oosthuizen's backswing...



           How did Louis Oosthuizen survive the wind at Saint Andrews to become the 2010 Open Champion by 7 strokes?

 If you have ever played golf in howling winds, as can be the norm at many of Scotland’s link side courses, the key to keeping your shots in play comes down to maintaining backswing balance.

Oosthuizen won the Open because he was the only golfer who hit the most fairways for the week, and was never in any serious trouble.

The Old Course is not technically difficult compared with many other major championship layouts. However, if your ball goes out of play, or ends up in one of the many treacherous bunkers, you are seldom left with any chance of a good recovery, as witnessed by the number of multiple bogeys over the four days.

I found this video of Oosthuizen’s golf swing because I feel he has many excellent swing features that we can learn from. As you look at his backswing you will notice that he has “zero” head movement which is an indication of perfect swing balance.



Contrast his backswing against other top pro swings and you will observe subtle head movement in their swings.

When those pros face 20-35 MPH winds, that head movement becomes more pronounced resulting in inconsistencies on their downswing….as was the case with Paul Casey when he was severely punished by one wayward drive that cost him a triple bogey and took him out of any contention.


So how do you improve backswing balance?

Backswing balance is achieved by a single focus of “rotation around your turning axis” to avoid any lateral sway.

Here are a few things that you can try on your backswing:

·         Make sure your legs are wide enough to establish a solid base and are not too close together in your stance

·         Rotate the left shoulder to start the take away to encourage backswing “rotation”...as against starting with arm and hand movement which encourages backward sway

·         Maintain a firm right leg with your weight on the inside of your right foot to avoid any backward movement of your turning axis

·         Swing within the range of your natural golf muscle flexibility to avoid mechanical breakdown

·         Maintain a slow and smooth take away to avoid build up of backswing club head momentum that will pull your turning axis backwards

The best place to improve your swing balance is by swinging in front of a mirror and watching for head movement.

Place a piece of tape on the mirror and try to keep your head positioned on the tape.

(If you are swinging in doors, watch out for the light fixtures. Your golf career could be short lived if you hit anything!)


Head movement is reduced by focusing on "rotation, rotation, rotation" to eliminate lateral sway.

If you have tried all you can and still cannot stop your head movement, you have too much muscle tension in your backswing.

Tension in your backswing causes swing break downs and disrupts a smooth turn. Your next step is to shorten your backswing to reduce tension, and or stretch your golf muscles to achieve more flexibility.

By practicing your turn in front of a mirror and setting a backswing range that reduces head movement, the limit of that range will be where you find your greatest swing consistency.

With that comes improved timing and accuracy as we experienced watching Louis's driving performance at Saint Andrews...

Based on what we have seen at the 2010 Open, we are going to see more of Louis Oosthuizen’s swing in the years to come as he develops into a top multiple major contender....

Best of luck,




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